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If you are tired of the suffering from anxiety, depression or relationship pain. Vancouver Psychologist, Douglas Ozier can help you get your life on track.

Never Feeling Good Enough

Are you ready to finally start feeling “good enough”?


Counselling can help.


Your friends would probably be surprised if they knew how deeply and how often you doubt yourself. They might be surprised at how shaky you often feel inside, how quickly you can lose faith in yourself and in your competence. How concerned you often are that others will reject you if you don’t do things perfectly or if you displease them. That somehow, a part of you never quite believes that you are good enough, just as you are.


Over the years, you have surely found ways of managing these anxious, self-critical doubts. Maybe you spend your life in your head, constantly worrying and preparing for bad things that almost never happen. Maybe you constantly over-prepare or say “no” to exciting growth opportunities, so that you can avoid failing. Maybe you avoid social situations in which you think you may not fit in, or may not be accepted. Maybe you stay totally focused on meeting other people’s needs, at the expense of meeting your own.

Regardless of how you’ve learned to cope, your anxious, self doubts have likely been getting out of hand lately. If so, you might be:

  • feeling depressed
  • feeling constantly worried or “on edge”
  • feeling anxious in social situations
  • “people pleasing”, always giving while other people are always taking
  • feeling held back from getting what you want in your life, either at home or at work

I know what this kind of suffering feels like.

Fifteen years ago I went through a very difficult period. I was constantly anxious. I felt depressed a lot of the time. I was really focused on “people pleasing”, on putting other people’s needs and standards ahead of my own.

I gradually realized that these “symptoms” flowed from an underlying feeling of never feeling good enough, of never feeling competent enough, just as I was. Over time, I have found ways to lessen my self-doubts and to develop greater faith in, and acceptance of, myself.

This experience of healing inspired me to be a therapist, devoted to helping others  to overcome this kind of suffering. I have completed a PhD in Counselling Psychology. I have engaged in intensive study of the brain, which has helped me to understand how the brain’s functioning can increase, or lessen, suffering. I have also helped many clients to overcome the self-doubting, harsh attitudes that they were directing towards themselves, allowing them to start valuing and honoring the special gifts that they brought to the world.

My personal and professional learning has shown me that it is possible to transform this kind of suffering into a better, more positive way of being. 


 What if you could begin to live in a new way? A way that will allow you:


-to come out from underthe cloud of anxiety and depression so that you begin to feel good about who you are and more hopeful about your future

-to overcome your fear of failure, so that you can experiencea deeper sense of purpose, passion, and vitality

-to continue being sensitive and caring to other people, but while standing up for yourself and your own needs


Therapy can offer you all of this and more…


If you would like support and guidance in overcoming the suffering caused by living with a self-doubting, critical inner voice than I would love to help.



Don't waste another day never feeling good enough.


 Click on the button below or call me at 604-512-5376 to book a free 15-minute phone consultation. 




Dr. Douglas Ozier

Psychologist, Vancouver, BC