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If you are tired of the suffering from anxiety, depression or relationship pain. Vancouver Psychologist, Douglas Ozier can help you get your life on track.



Resource Page

Welcome to my resource page. It has two sections. In the top section I have provided some self help tools to help you lessen anxiety and control your stress. In the lower section I have included a video in which I offer more a detailed background on emotions in AEDP, one of the kinds of therapy I offer most often. I encourage you to check these resources out and hope that you find them to be of value. 

Self Help Tools

Safe Place Relaxation Audio

In this guided relaxation audio I will help you to deeply relax and then to use the power of your imagination to mentally enter a deeply relaxing and restorative, “safe” place. My clients often tell me that, with enough practice of this exercise, they can begin to briefly call up and mentally enter their inner “safe place” at moments of strong stress during their daily lives. 

Diaghrammatic Breathing for Stress Reduction

Diaghrammatic breathing is one of the powerful of all stress reduction techniques. I tech it to many of my clients and I also benefit greatly from it in my own life. In this short video I explain: what diagrammatic breathing is; why it is such a powerful way of calming your nervous system; and, most importantly, exactly how you should practice it in order to get the strongest benefit. 

Informational Videos


In this Video I Explain What Emotions are and How I Work With Them in AEDP

In this video I offer a more detailed explanation of what emotions are how I work with them in AEDP (one of the main types of therapy I practice in order to help my clients to become healthier and to lead richer, more satisfying lives).