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If you are tired of the suffering from anxiety, depression or relationship pain. Vancouver Psychologist, Douglas Ozier can help you get your life on track.


Individual Therapy for Relationship Struggles

 If you have relationships that are difficult and painful as a psychologist, I can help you break these patterns. You can find happiness in love.

Struggling With Love Relationships?

Individual Relationship Counselling Helps You Have Better Relationships

Whether you are single or in a relationship, few things in life are more painful than getting stuck in relationships that hurt and cause you to feel alone.

If you are like many of my therapy clients, you may never feel truly “known” in relationships.

If you have relationships that are difficult and painful, as a psychologist, I can help you break these patterns. You can find happiness in love.

Your needs don’t get met.

Either your relationships are a struggle with too much conflict, or they feel empty, perhaps even boring at times.

You may recognize yourself in some of these scenarios:

  • You focus all of your attention on your partner’s needs and feelings, never allowing your deeper feelings to be known
  • Your relationships never last long and you are onto the next. You wonder if you’ll ever find true happiness
  •  You always pick someone to be with who isn’t able to love you in the deep, enduring way you truly want.
  • You are tired of the pain, turmoil, and loneliness.

Individual counselling for relationship pain can help...

Through therapy you can become more confident in yourself to attract a partner that cares for you and loves you. You can discover what it takes to have a happy and harmonious relationship.

Here are some of the benefits you can achieve through counselling:

  • Recognize the kind of person who can be a good partner, rather then going for the 'same old type' that always ends up disappointing you.
  • Discover the ways that you self-sabotage in relationships and how to begin acting in ways that will get you what you want instead.
  • Gain the ability to recognize your own needs so that you can start expressing them directly and effectively.
  • Allow your heart to be open to receiving genuine love when it is being offered.
  • Heal from old hurts from your past that may be holding you back in your relationships today.

Why Work With Me as Your Therapist?

I have a passion for helping my clients to overcome their patterns of relationship pain. This has led me to complete intensive, post-graduate training in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP),  a form of therapy that is well suited to helping people achieve fulfilling relationships.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of helping many therapy clients to move from being stuck in a feeling of deep, unwanted aloneness and unhappiness toward being capable of having the kind of healthy, satisfying intimacy they deserve.

If you are ready to welcome deeper love and intimacy into your life then I encourage you to book a free 15 minute phone consultation  now or call me at 604-512-5376.

Watch the video below in which Dr.Ozier       discusses helping his clients to overcome their relationship struggles

Dr. Douglas Ozier
Registered Psychologist (#2195


2184 W Broadway, Suite #335
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